Starter Teaching Course 360+

This course is designed for teachers, educators and pedagogues who want to develop a holistic and inclusive approach to teaching and create a rich and inspiring learning environment for their students.

​In this course, you will be introduced to a unique teaching model that combines caring for good relationships and supports students with effective learning strategies. It integrates visible learning, formative assessment, and the choice theory (W. Glasser), which together form a holistic approach to learning and teaching. This model enables an understanding of students as holistic individuals and their involvement in co-creating their own learning and development.

In this course, you will:

1. Learn about the impact of relationships on individual learning and the classroom environment that you, as a teacher, create. Through simulation, participants will experience, reflect, and plan their personal approach for satisfying relationships within the collective and in the classroom with students.

2. Discover visible learning, which is based on the idea that students progress best when learning goals are clear, they have insight into their progress, and they are actively engaged in the learning process. You will learn how to involve students in goal-setting, use strategies to monitor students' progress, and enable their active participation and responsibility for their own learning.

3. Understand the significance of formative assessment, which allows for constant adaptation of teaching based on students' prior knowledge and progress. You will learn to use elements of formative assessment: diagnosing prior knowledge, collecting evidence of knowledge, co-creating success criteria, self-assessment, quality feedback, and self-regulation of learning.

​The course is designed as an interactive and dynamic experience. It can be conducted in person or as a combination of online courses and live workshops. All live seminar participants also receive access to an online course that allows them to review and deepen their knowledge with examples from teachers and materials.

After the course, we offer further support and feedback from experienced educational experts in supervisory meetings, membership, Teachers community and in Intervision meetings. Such support is essential for successfully implementing new insights into your teaching.

The live starter course lasts for 4 hours (240 minutes, excluding breaks) and is available for closed groups at schools. It is also organized once a year for registered candidates; this year's date is October 12, 2023, at the M Hotel in Ljubljana.The call for applications is published in KATIS.

Starter course is also available as an online course. 

The Starter teaching course 360+ is designed for anyone who wishes to enhance their pedagogical skills and contribute to creating a learning environment that encourages curiosity, independence, and the successful development of all students.

Join us and together, let's create a learning experience that enables growth and success for all students in all areas of life!

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