Founders and Staff

Mateja Peršolja

Expert Leader of the institute, Advisor and Coach

Unstoppable, dynamic, visionary – always a step ahead with optimism, passion, and ideas, aiming to connect and enhance the quality of life for all.

Nataša Lenarčič

Lecturer, Consultant and Coach

Passionate, heartfelt, and inspiring teacher serves as a source of inspiration and sets an example for good relationships within the institute, the classroom, and the schools where she teaches, leads seminars, and workshops.

Žiga Goltes

CEO and coach

With calmness, joy, and ease, he creates balance in the institute's operations. He is an expert in marketing, event organization, and coaching. Committed to making a contribution to the youth, the community and a better world.

Luka Kropivšek, MD

Project Manager and Coordinator

An expert in various fields: a medical doctor, coach, hypnotherapist, ambassador, polyglot, enthusiast of marketing, and constantly eager for new knowledge. There is no area he wouldn't master or be willing to learn, making him an indispensable member of the institute.

Nathan Kočar

Office Manager and Multimedia Designer

Skillfully and precisely maintains order, communicates effectively, and learns quickly. His passion for multimedia is reflected in the high-quality creation of video content.

Group leaders and professional collaborators

Luka Lavrin 

English language professor, enthusiastic about learning, teaching, music, and technology, leader of the English language supervision group.

Kristina Ferel

Elementary school teacher, innovator, seminar leader, supervisor, leader of the second educational cycle supervision group, and dancer.

Maja Pur Tretjak

Elementary school teacher, innovative and passionate educator in the first educational cycle, leader of the first educational cycle supervision group, supervisor, and singer.

Maja Trojner Besedić

​A primary school teacher, leading the intervision group for the second educational cycle. With warmth and dedication, she guides both the group and the class she teaches. She invests a tremendous amount of effort and preparation into every contribution, as she believes that only the best is good enough for what she's committed to.

Lidija Jug

A math teacher, creative and innovative educator, leader of the development group at the school, and a member of the development group at the Institute of Education. Also, the head of the intervision group for mathematics.

Vesna Godler

Elementary school teacher, heartfelt and innovative educator in the first educational cycle, leader of the first educational cycle supervision group, and creative  enthusiast about handicrafts.

Ana Canzutti

​A math teacher, passionate and heartfelt educator, content creator (mathematical video content), member of the curriculum development group at the Institute of Education, and leader of the mathematics intervision group.

Nina Poljanšek

A chemistry teacher who never runs out of time and ideas for engaging lessons, a dedicated educator, project leader, and head of projects, as well as the leader of the intervision group for chemistry.

Valentina Batagelj

An English language teacher for whom teaching is a calling. A teacher and a learner, a lover of modern technology, supporting its use to enhance the quality of learning. Her dedication to children and a quality school is also reflected in her concern for connectivity, inclusiveness, and positive relationships with students. She believes in each individual and knows how to notice what they are committed to.

Sonja Najman Vedenik

A chemistry teacher, member of the curriculum renewal group, passionate and dedicated to teaching and learning, as well as the leader of the intervision group for chemistry.