Frequently Asked Questions

Payment for all services can be made using a payment (debit, MasterCard, Visa, etc.) card or by transferring funds to the institute's current account. For payments through institutions, we provide an e-invoice.

Discounts and coupons for purchasing webinars are applicable for both individual payments and institutions (via e-invoice).

Purchasing free webinar recordings: Webinars that are free of charge (€0) can be "purchased" just like other webinars through the store, with the payment amount being €0. No credit card is required for this.

Purchasing webinar recordings and courses: Participants can view the webinar or course program and available preview recordings before purchasing a webinar recording or course.

The course has no time limit.

The webinar recordings will definitely be available to you for at least one year, or until your community membership payment is discontinued if the recordings are accessible as part of the community membership.

​If you've purchased an individual webinar, access to the recording has no time limit.

Članstvo v skupnostih lahko zakupite za eno leto (od septembra do septembra). Račun se izda v enkratnem znesku za celoletno naročnino. 

Schools are eligible for discounts on larger quantities within the package offers.

For each viewed recording or completed course, you will receive a certificate of participation in the webinar or course.

To obtain a certification, you will need to answer a question. Once you provide the answer, the certificate will be automatically sent to the email address you provided during registration on the platform.

The course or webinar program, which you need to attach to the certificate of participation, is accessible within the course itself. Save and/or print the program for your records.

For viewing a course or a recorded webinar, you need to provide the following details during registration: first name, last name, email address, address, and information about the payer (institution's name, address, tax number), in case the purchase will be made by an organization such as a school.

When you go through individual chapters or videos within a course, you mark them as completed yourself (click on the circle to make a green checkmark appear) to indicate that you've finished a specific part of the course. This way, you'll have an overview of your progress in the course or webinar. If green checkmarks are present everywhere, it indicates that the course or webinar is completed; otherwise, it's not.

  • All free products can be found at:
  • Kdor še nima odprtega računa, naj najprej klikne v desnem zgornjem kotu gumb Registracija. Registrirajte se tako, da vpišite vaše podatke in si odprite profil.
  • Ko ste registrirani izberite želeni produkt. Kliknite na možnost "Zaključi nakup" ali "Nadaljuj na blagajno".
  • If you have an order form, please enter the relevant details. If you wish to communicate anything additional, you can do so in this step. Then click on the "Next" button (bottom right).

  • Check that the billing address is correct. Then read the terms and conditions by clicking on the text. If you agree to the terms and conditions, tick the "I agree" box. Then click on the "Confirm order" button.

  • You will then be redirected to the order confirmation screen, which you can access at any time via "My Account" and "Sales Orders".

  • You can find our online courses and seminars through ''My Account'' and then ''Your Online Courses and Webinars''.