The Teachers Community

The purpose of our teacher community is to connect and support you - Slovenian teachers, educators, and professors. We aim to create a community where you can exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas to improve the quality of teaching and upbringing. The community is designed to encourage collaboration, networking, and co-creation of a rich learning environment that inspires you in your work and contributes to positive development and growth for all of us.

​Our main objectives within the community include:

  1. Support and Connection: We provide you with the opportunity to connect with fellow teachers and exchange ideas and solutions for various challenges you encounter in teaching and upbringing.

  2. Knowledge and Experience Sharing: You have access to exclusive content, blogs, case studies, and materials that will enrich your professional knowledge and help you develop innovative approaches in working with students.

  3. Expert Growth: We offer monthly support calls where you can ask questions, share your best practices, and receive feedback from experienced supervisors. This encourages continuous learning and professional development for teachers.

  4. Creating a Positive Learning Environment: We strive to create a supportive learning environment that inspires you and enables a positive impact on your students and young learners, helping them develop into confident, curious, and successful individuals.

  5. Personal Growth: In our teacher community, we also place special emphasis on your personal growth and development. We believe that personal growth is essential for successful teaching and student leadership. With the help of professional supervisors and mentoring programs, you'll have the opportunity to develop your leadership abilities, improve your communication skills, and recognize and overcome limiting beliefs. This will make you more confident and effective teachers, reflecting in better teaching quality and relationships with students.

By joining our community, you become part of an exceptional network of teachers who together shape the future of education and contribute to the development of a better and higher-quality learning experience for all children and young people. Our community is open to all who believe in the power of collaboration, learning, and growth and want to be part of a positive shift in education. Join us and together, let's build a better tomorrow for all generations!

We offer two unique community packages to choose from. Here's a comparison of both packages:

Most Common Choice
Personal Profile


Resource Sharing

Exclusive Blogs and Resource Examples

Monthly Support Call

Free Access to All Recorded Webinars
(total value over €400)

Free Participation in All New Webinars
(total value over €200)

Regular Price100 €/year
200 €/year
Promotional Price valid until September 30, 202350 €/year100 €/year

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