The Teachers Community

The purpose of our teacher community is to connect and support you - Slovenian teachers, educators, and professors. We aim to create a community where you can exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas to improve the quality of teaching and upbringing. The community is designed to encourage collaboration, networking, and co-creation of a rich learning environment that inspires you in your work and contributes to positive development and growth for all of us.

Učiteljska skupnost v letu 2023/24 povezuje več kot 200 učiteljev.

​Our main objectives within the community include:

  1. Support and Connection: We provide you with the opportunity to connect with fellow teachers and exchange ideas and solutions for various challenges you encounter in teaching and upbringing.

  2. Knowledge and Experience Sharing: You have access to exclusive content, blogs, case studies, and materials that will enrich your professional knowledge and help you develop innovative approaches in working with students.

  3. Expert Growth: We offer monthly support calls where you can ask questions, share your best practices, and receive feedback from experienced supervisors. This encourages continuous learning and professional development for teachers.

  4. Creating a Positive Learning Environment: We strive to create a supportive learning environment that inspires you and enables a positive impact on your students and young learners, helping them develop into confident, curious, and successful individuals.

  5. Personal Growth: In our teacher community, we also place special emphasis on your personal growth and development. We believe that personal growth is essential for successful teaching and student leadership. With the help of professional supervisors and mentoring programs, you'll have the opportunity to develop your leadership abilities, improve your communication skills, and recognize and overcome limiting beliefs. This will make you more confident and effective teachers, reflecting in better teaching quality and relationships with students.

By joining our community, you become part of an exceptional network of teachers who together shape the future of education and contribute to the development of a better and higher-quality learning experience for all children and young people. Our community is open to all who believe in the power of collaboration, learning, and growth and want to be part of a positive shift in education. Join us and together, let's build a better tomorrow for all generations!

Participant Feedback 

From the Second Teachers' Community Meeting (Theme: Knowledge Assessment)

  • "I will take away the fact that students appreciate when they see that we care. And when we monitor their work, their progress, we have the opportunity to see when things are not okay and to take that into account."

  • "Today what struck me the most is that we check fewer objectives, so the student can continuously upgrade their knowledge."

  • "Evidence of knowledge should be more frequent (e.g., once a week)."

  • "Like yesterday... much to contemplate. What tasks should I give to students (with special needs) - shorter, easier to accomplish, so they can correct them, or more demanding projects, which I divide into several sections."

  • "Partial assessment is NOT formative monitoring."

  • "I was skeptical about improving knowledge without exploitation... but it is sensible, especially when our students have so many pressures, even at home."

  • "I am on the right track, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. 🙂 Thank you for the ideas."

  • "I need to present the criteria to them by levels."

  • "Primarily, we mostly deal with similar questions, concerns... That each of us is trying in our own way and needs guidance."

  • "As a special education teacher, I believe that these assessment methods are friendlier and much better for students with special needs. This way of working encourages them to learn continuously, where there is always a challenge."

  • "I now understand the process better from the first lesson to knowledge assessment."

  • "I don't conclude grades by average, but by achieved goals."

  • "I am grateful for the information about assessing in a different way. Give the student a chance, not to crush or punish them."ti.

  • "Give children the opportunity to show knowledge. The teacher must be patient and persistent."

  • "Talk more with students about what they need to know for a certain grade."

  • "That the success criteria make sense before assessment."

  • "Encouragement for improvement activity immediately after knowledge demonstration."

  • "The more active children are in monitoring their progress."

  • "That the process is important, to take appropriate action after evidence of knowledge, to make a plan."

  • "Now the FS path from the beginning of the chapter to knowledge assessment is clearer to me."

  • "I am at the beginning of the path. I am grateful to my colleague for telling me about you."

From the Fourth Teachers' Community Meeting (Theme: Student Behavior and Relationships)

  • "I will accept students as they are and support them."
  • "Realizing that everyone can only change themselves."
  • "I will give 'I-messages'."
  • "I am not a rescuer and cannot save everyone, thus essentially interfering with others."
  • "To make a change in myself, and others will follow."
  • "Great examples, as an example!"
  • "The topic that is currently closest to me, so I am very happy that we talked about it. I look forward to the next meeting."
  • "A question for the student: what did you want to convey? Learning that students are responsible for their behavior."
  • "Today I will start working on myself. And I will listen more."
  • "The idea that we cannot save the world. But we can be responsible for small changes."
  • "That an honest conversation with the student is very important, reminding them of the 'I-messages'."
  • "I need to lower my expectations and accept myself."
  • ​"Stay positive - look for good in yourself, colleagues, and students."
  • Remember that perception of the world and relationships depends on us, not others
  • ​"It touched me the thought of lowering expectations and how to put aside thoughts/judgments to create an empty space where everything is possible."
  • "I take the idea that it might be good to show students my vulnerability, that I am in a pit."
  • "Great examples of good practice, lots of positive energy."
  • "To stay calm, show respect for students, who are personalities, just like us. Wait, persevere. Cooperate with parents."
  • "Thank you for the excellent examples and encouraging words."
  • "You reminded us how important it is that we are at peace with ourselves. Take time for yourself and then accept others as they are."

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