Regional Meetings

These meetings are designed for networking, experience sharing, and education, with the aim of enhancing your pedagogical work and promoting progress within the community.

Regional teacher meetings serve as a platform where you can meet colleagues from your area, share your practices and teaching challenges, and gain inspiration from new ideas. The meetings take the form of a knowledge marketplace, interactive discussions, classroom observations, and roundtable discussions that focus on current topics and challenges in education.

Furthermore, regional teacher meetings provide direct access to experienced practitioners from your region who can be your partners and supporters in networking knowledge and experiences. Together, we build a strong educational network that enables support, learning, and growth.

​The topics covered in these meetings are diverse and encompass various aspects of teaching, education, and student development. We pay special attention to the use of visible learning and self-regulation elements, student progress tracking, active learning, and evidence of knowledge, as we believe these elements significantly contribute to creating a better learning environment and improving learning outcomes.

We invite you to consider organizing regional teacher meetings yourself and become part of this unique educational experience. Together, we can make a positive shift in our educational environment and grow as professionals.

If you're interested in organizing a regional conference and would like our collaboration and support, please contact us
Let us know when and where you would like to organize the regional meeting, along with a rough idea of the organization. We would be delighted to assist you!

If you're interested in attending a regional conference, please fill out the form so we can keep you informed about the event.

Regijska srečanja
Regional meeting