Supervizijska srečanja

Our teacher supervisory meetings at schools are designed to support professional development and reflection for the improvement of teaching. They are structured to provide teachers with the opportunity for in-depth exploration of their pedagogical practices, identification of strengths, and the formation of plans to enhance areas in which they seek improvement.

These meetings mostly take place in person, and can also be conducted remotely as needed. They typically last up to 180 minutes.

Our approach to supervision includes:

  1. Individual Supervisory Meetings: Each teacher has the option of an individual meeting with a supervisory expert. This provides a private and confidential environment where teachers can share their challenges, reflect on their teaching, and receive expert guidance and feedback. Supervisors are available for individual discussions following group supervisory sessions.

  2. Group Supervisory Sessions: In addition to individual meetings, we also organize group supervisory sessions, where teachers discuss common challenges, exchange experiences, and learn from authentic sharing with each other. The group dynamic encourages collaboration, empathy, and co-creation of new solutions. These sessions are conducted within school development groups.

  3. Reflection and Self-Help: Our supervision is rooted in reflection and encourages teachers to engage in self-help for the improvement of their teaching. By gradually understanding their own patterns and approaches, teachers gain greater insight into their work and opportunities for growth and development.

  4. Sustainable Support: Supervisory meetings are not isolated events, but a sustainable process that offers ongoing support and monitoring of teacher progress. Our supervisors are available for further questions and support, helping teachers maintain consistency and sustainable growth.

Through supervisory sessions, our aim is to provide teachers with a safe and encouraging space to explore their work, identify improvement possibilities, and develop new teaching strategies. We believe that supervision is a crucial step toward professional growth and enhancing the quality of teaching, which in turn has a positive impact on students and the school community as a whole.

The school's supervisory development group meets once a month (ideally) or every two months. Members choose a group leader who, together with the principal, guides the school's transformational development. Every other session is led by an external supervisor.

Completion of the initial seminar is a prerequisite for participation in supervision.

If you are looking to improve your teaching and strive for personal and professional growth, we invite you to join our supervisory meetings.

V sodelovanju s šolo, ki organizira mesečna srečanja razvojne skupine ob naši superviziji, bomo učiteljem izdali potrdilo po Pravilniku o napredovanju zaposlenih v vzgoji in izobraževanju v nazive po Členu 22. C, alineja 17 (3 točke).